VS Code plugin Monitor Pro - Monitor all the resource information you care about.

Monitor Pro is a comprehensive resource monitoring tool designed to help you track important system metrics in real-time and provide intuitive visualizations. No matter what profession you are in, if you use VS Code, don't miss it.

Installation and Usage#

The plugin will be automatically enabled after installation.






  • Resource Monitoring
    • CPU Usage: Monitor the percentage of CPU utilization to understand how much processing power the system is using.
    • CPU Frequency: Track the current CPU frequency to understand how the system dynamically adjusts its processing power.
    • CPU Temperature: (If possible) Monitor the temperature.
    • Memory Usage: Monitor the memory consumption of the computer.
    • Network Usage: Track network activity on the machine, including incoming and outgoing data transfer rates.
    • File System Usage (Linux, macOS): Provide disk read and write rates.
    • Battery Percentage and Charging Status: If you are using a laptop or portable device, this feature allows you to monitor battery level and charging status.
    • Operating System Distribution Name
    • Disk Usage
  • Sorting: Customize the display order of monitored resources for easy monitoring.
  • Refresh Interval: Set the refresh interval for updating resource metrics.
  • Layout Stability: Ensure that the position and size of elements in the status bar do not change unexpectedly.
  • Remote SSH Resource Monitoring: You can track important system metrics on devices connected via remote SSH.
  • High Utilization Alerts: Receive alerts when any monitored resource reaches a high utilization level.
  • Dashboard: I hope to display all the information you care about on one page, equipped with rich charts.


I understand the importance of monitoring information, so my goal is to create the most comprehensive and intuitive monitoring tool that allows you to easily grasp the system status. The development of Monitor Pro is intended to meet everyone's various needs for system monitoring.

At the same time, in the future, I also hope to integrate chart design to make this data more visually understandable. Through these charts, you can clearly see the changes and relationships of various system metrics. In this way, you can easily understand the performance of the system and make wise decisions based on these metrics.

Why Develop This Plugin?#

To provide a comprehensive resource monitoring tool for use with VS Code's Remote SSH, in order to better manage and monitor the status of servers.

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Suggestions and Feedback#

I value user feedback and opinions because they are crucial for improving and perfecting the product. If you have any good suggestions or encounter any bugs, please come and provide feedback:

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