Talk about the shortcomings of xLog

Long time ago when I first encountered Web3, I felt that Web3 was very suitable for publishing content. After all, decentralized content is great.
At that time, I learned about Mirror. But Mirror has many shortcomings, which I won't go into detail here. So I'm still looking forward to it.
Then I discovered xLog on v2. When it was first released, I thought xLog was good, especially its interactive features. So I decided to wait and see for a while.

After such a long time, it's time to get involved. After a few days of experience, I feel that xLog still has some areas that cannot meet my needs.

Lack of plugin functionality#

Compared to blog systems like Hexo, xLog lacks plugin functionality, making it difficult to meet some personalized needs. For example, the only available option for statistical analysis systems is Google Analytics.

No homepage recommendations and hot topics like Zhihu#

Although some people have criticized information cocoons, I still hope to have personalized recommendations to easily access content that I am interested in, and hot topics to understand the most popular content recently.

Excessive pop-ups#

Personally, I think pop-ups are a very painful form of interaction.
For pop-ups like the one shown in the image below, the default options can actually be used directly, and users can switch characters on their own when needed.


Painful repetitive Connect experience#

Perhaps due to being based on Web3, every time the browser is closed, it needs to be reconnected, and there are many steps to go through for each Connect. And switching to a different site requires reconnecting again.

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